7 top reasons to be in advertising

We give you 7 top reasons why we work in the best industry.

We give you 7 top reasons why we work in the best industry.

1. Ads like this:

2. Bob Hoffman and Adweak

Bob Hoffman, the self appointed ‘Ad Contrarian’ is a reminder that no matter how many Cannes Lions we collect for our industry, to never take ourselves too seriously. His satirical critique of fellow Twitter denizen is brilliant as it is quietly poignant.

3. Buster

It worked, Sales +36%, 25M views, highest ROI ever.

4. Cool shit like this

5. Data

We have officially vacated from the dark ages and now live in the age of data. Let the light shine. Where some envision a society where privacy is no longer, as advertisers we see a world where campaigns actually speak to their audiences with relevance. Data is not the problem, not doing anything with it will be.

6. Accenture buys The Monkeys and Maud

Naysayers are sceptical about the future of advertising, but with large companies like Accenture purchasing creative powerhouses like Sydney based agency The Monkeys and design firm Maud, the future is bright for our industry. More and more the value of quality creative is not only being appreciated, but financially rewarded.

7. We can still be a force for good

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