Being single-minded

Just imagine you are six. You love Weet-Bix and you also love bacon. Not just bacon, but crispy bacon! Now, imagine putting the two things you love together…

We all know that 1+1=2. So following this logic great+great = Amazing. Until you’re a six year old and you think crispy bacon and Weet-Bix are so great that they would combine into a game changing gastronomic experience.

In advertising, just like in food, adding two great things together won’t make for an improved concoction. Two lines of messaging added together won’t make a stronger ad.

In these moments it is helpful to remember the theory of displacement, if a glass of water is full adding something to the glass will make it over-flow. Sometimes by adding, you can actually take away!

This is why we must be single-minded by driving 100% of the resources into the most important message.

As advertisers we can expect too much from our audience. We expect our audience to be active observers taking in all the subtleties of our work. However, the stats tell us that isn’t the case. $4.3 billion was paid in Australian advertising last year, but a whopping 89% was not even remembered.

Our job at Channelzero is to ensure we are in the 11% that’s memorable. To achieve this our job is to keep single-minded, in message and in output. To keep things simple and direct. If we have two sales messages for our client; one is a Ferrari and the other a Range Rover, combining the two won’t get us the world’s fastest off road vehicle. It does mean we get bacon porridge. Ew!

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