Channelzero hires Belinda Wearne as General Manager

TMG (The Marketing Group Plc) today announced that Belinda Wearne is joining one of its subsidiary agencies, Channelzero, as General Manager. Belinda brings with her a wealth of expertise having held senior positions at consultancies including Sibling Agency, Ogilvy Australia and Euro RSCG .

Channelzero CEO, Mikey Taylor, said:

‘’Belinda is a heavy-hitter in the market ing world and has a range of experience that really adds to the Channelzero brand. Having recently brought on board a number of high-profile clients that has seen the company go from strength to strength, Belinda joining the team is another piece of the jigsaw and we’re looking forward to seeing her skillset put into action.’’

On her appointment to Channelzero, Belinda said:

‘‘Channelzero has proven itself time again to be an agile and innovative place to work. Coupled with the talent and experience of Mikey and the multi-disciplinary team, together with the scale and vision of TMG, we’re poised to take the agency to the next level and continue to deliver superior results for our clients.’’

Non-executive director of TMG, Glen Fraser added:

“Having worked with Belinda at Euro RSCG , I know that through her leadership Channelzero is in safe hands. Belinda’s appointment represents further strengthening of TMG’s agency structure and we’re delighted she is part of the network.”

TMG is a progressive marketing network that provides a fresh alternative for global brands that want to see more bang for their buck. With offices across the East and West coast of America, London, Europe, Singapore and Australasia, TMG’s collaborative network of a gencies provide a holistic service to deliver highly effective results.

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