Channelzero Retreat

Channelzero set off for our annual retreat on Friday the 19.06.15 for a weekend staying at the magnificent ‘Cloudhill’ in Mittagong

The weekend commenced with a mouth-watering all American Texas BBQ feast prepared by Franko on Friday night. Franko set the bar high but Shannon matched this with her Mexican feast on Saturday night. The menu for the weekend was a standout!! We love good food and wine at Channelzero!

The first activity for the weekend was a baby guessing competition after our boozy Texas BBQ dinner. Each of the Channelzero team submitted a baby picture of themselves 2 years and under.

Guess who, baby pictures,

Despite their success in other areas Franko and Mikey came dead last in this competition. This year the secrete Santa theme of ‘tasteless’ proved to draw of some inappropriate present ideas and made for some good laughs.

Saturday the team took on a zip lining challenge. The Illawarra Zip line is nestled in a dense rainforest and up into the tree tops we ascended.


This proved more than challenging for a few of us as our fear of heights was overwhelming.

Up on the zip line

We all drew on some serious inner strength to conquer this activity, especially Crowie.

The zip line team

A true sense of mateship and support for one another was very prevalent.

The view

The weekend was an all-round success and full of priceless moments.

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