Channelzero Walks Their Talk

Channelzero, in an almost supernatural turn of events, has become Its own client by creating an original product, Super Cubes.

Any unbillable agency hours were an opportunity for their team to not just ‘talk the talk’ but ‘walk the walk,’

We helped to develop a new brand and product, launching it to the Australian market and seeing it being rolled out across cafes and Woolworths nationally.

This all started when three agency friends, created a ‘bucket list’ of 40 items to tick off before hitting 40. This highly ambitious list, included having a hit song, climbing a “fairly large” mountain and becoming Mahjong masters. Although, sadly for the Aussie public they are yet to record their one hit wonder, (watch this space) the crew’s dogged pursuit of this list would lead to a business idea that’s shaking up the smoothies’ market and making a play for a slice of Australia’s growing ready-made meals category.

Super Cubes are a frozen cube packed full of goodness. They capitalise on the growing demand for convenient, healthy ready-to-eat meal solutions, also known as ‘speed-scratch.’ If you previously wanted to make a smoothie like this, you’d need an hour shopping, a fridge full of fresh ingredients and 20 minutes of preparation.

The business idea was sparked by a chance observation of a chef at an iconic health retreat, preparing to produce up to 400 smoothies a day. The process looked intense with the chef kept very busy chopping nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables and adding key ingredients. The question came to them… “is there an easier way to do this and could we commercialise it?”

The learning curve in this was huge, with none of the team having previously worked in the frozen foods’ category before. From original design, to 100s of product iterations, flavour profiling, raw material requirements, production type, batch testing protocols, extensive consumer research and revisions to packaging solutions. All that are in the food sector know that building this start-up has been an exercise in itself.

Channelzero strategy director Dan Machen explains:

“This puts our agency in a totally unique position. “We understand what it means to put our money where our mouth is. “We have literally walked a mile in our client’s shoes, having created a business and product from scratch. “From logistics, to negotiating margins and promotions, the entire process from conception to consumers has had to be finely tuned. “We may not have climbed a mountain, (yet) but we are very proud of how far Super Cubes has come and Channelzero and look forward to applying that knowledge and deep insight into every brief that comes our way.”



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