Channelzero Xmas Video 2017

CZ will be partnering with Sydney’s Dogs and Cat’s home throughout 2018 in the hope that they reach their goal of raising much needed funds to build a brand new shelter for those furry friends who have been abandoned or left homeless. Something none of us want to see.

We sent a group of our beloved team members, armed with their daggy CZ Christmas T-shirts, out to the existing shelter, as part of their corporate volunteer program, to lend a hand by spending time playing with the animals, cleaning cages, taking the dogs for a walk and feeding.

We are a ‘dog friendly’ office and quite often our directors bring in their pooches for a visit and a play. So, who better then to lead our Christmas cause than our CEO’s very own gentlemanly French Bulldog, Monsieur Fandango!

Strapped with a GoPro to his body – courtesy of the elusive ‘GoPro Fetch Dog harness’ – Monsieur Fandango took to the streets for ‘a day in the life’ of our much loved office mascot with his busy lead up to Christmas!

We took Fandango to Sydney Dogs & Cats to visit the animals in the shelter. He then came to the office for a special visit where he was met with joy and enthusiasm from all the team. It is not lost on us that Monsieur Fandango is one of the lucky ones, having a home and family who love and take care of him. Believe me when I say that it was not completely improbable for the team who visited the shelter to come back to our St Leonards office with a few more ‘office mascots’ who they couldn’t bare to leave behind!

We hope that we can raise awareness of the work that is involved for looking after these animals in need and how much assistance is required for such a place to exist.

Watch our Xmas video – it’s short and sweet and with two simple messages; there is always fun and laughter at Channelzero, but we all never want to forget our four-legged friends at this festive time of year!

Merry Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year…………woof!

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