CZ book club: Juicing the orange

All too often companies think that creativity equates to pouring money into marketing budgets and tried and tested tactics. It’s never just about the art work or the media execution. This vein of ‘creativity’ rarely has a positive effect on the bottom line.

Pat Fallon & Fred Senn, authors of Juicing the Orange are the big bosses at Fallon International. Each chapter of they superb book is centred around a topic related to what they call “generating creative leverage” (what er would call the “Big Idea”) such as ‘communicating in a crisis’ or ‘using new media’. When suitable they support their argument with a company case study; the challenge, how it worked but also surprisingly the project’s failures and difficulties.

Fallon & Senn argue that leaders have more creativity within their businesses than they realise but often unintentionally stifle it or channel it in ineffective ways. Working from the inside out, Juicing the Orange outlines how to consciously develop certainty with an organisational structure and channel into campaigns and creative for your clients.

A book worth recommending highlighting the link between creativity, problem solving and profit.

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