CZ book club: triggers

Do you ever find that you are not the patient, compassionate problem solver you believe yourself to be?

Are you surprised at how irritated the ordinarily unflappable ‘you’ become in the presence of a particular colleague at work? Have you ever felt your temper accelerate when another driver cuts you up in traffic?

Our reactions don’t occur in a vacuum. They are usually a result of unappreciated triggers in our environment – the people and people that lure us into behaving in a manner that doesn’t befit the personal brand that we wish to portray.

These triggers are constant, relentless and outside our control. In Trigger, Goldsmith shows how we can overcome the trigger points in our lives, and enact meaningful lasting change. Enjoy the book to understand the “Six engaging questions” that can help us take responsibility for our efforts and recognise when we fall short.

This is a great personal playbook showing how we can achieve positive changes in our lives, make it stick and be the best version of our selves.

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