CZ Xmas party!

Celebrating an amazing year!

Celebrating an amazing year!

What do you do for a team who have worked incredibly hard, played hard and that would inspire and delight the most cynical of critics... organise a sunset boating expedition on Sydney Harbour, that’s what!


There was champagne and beers, and no one in tears, just lots of laughter and fun had by everyone!


CZ took to the seas on a 40ft catamaran called ‘Varuna’, not long sailed into Sydney waters, in attire fit for ‘Harbour Life’. These included some dubious sailors, some of the most beautiful sailors I’ve ever seen, captains and pirates that would put to shame the performance of one Captain Jack Sparrow... CZ nailed it, it’s what we do best!


Although the winds were up, we huddled together and relived the tales of 2016, including one dance routine that will never be forgotten – can’t stop that feeling! With a 6 speaker hi-fi system, there was never a moment without some awesome beats which satisfied the music appetites of everyone on board, including me! Gotta love the smooth sounds of Luther Vandross and, my all time favourite, Lionel Richie’s “All night long"... our sea legs became those of rhythm and coordination!


With food provided by our great friends (as we are great customers!) The Moody Chef, and the calm waters of hidden coves along the harbour side, we sought shelter from the winds to enjoy and take full advantage of swimming in the clear waters of the harbour – might I add there was probably more shivering done than frolicking, but at least we had a go in true CZ fashion!



There was champagne and beers, and no one in tears, just lots of laughter and fun had by everyone!


Merry Xmas CZ! You deserve it…

Sarah Carpenter
Executive Assistant

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