Don't care what your clients like? Good job!

Monday mornings at Channelzero always begin with a serious reality check. Weekend lethargy is swept into the gutter as we start the week with a meeting designed to kick our brains into gear. This week the hot topic was our battle, as a strategic creative agency, to remain objective in the face of the subjective and personal views of our clients.

Whilst the creative process clearly relies on subjective opinions and ideas, the end result must always be one that ‘works’ for the client, not simply one they ‘like.’

Sure, we all love to hear the phrase ‘I like it,’ but as professionals we need to avoid congratulating ourselves when something simply looks or sounds pretty. When a client is immediately happy with something we’ve produced, it’s easy to sit back in the chair and smile. The right thing to do however, is to sit forward, roll the sleeves up and explain the rigour behind each idea and the thought process behind each campaign

And whilst we won’t pat ourselves on the back for a ‘I like it’ statement we’re equally unfazed when we hear the opposite. In the face of a subjective and negative statement from a client, you’re likely to hear a response from Channelzero along the following lines - “Well, we believe it works because…“

We’re always as eager to explain the rationale as we are the idea it feeds. For us the ‘why it works’ part of our job is what sets us apart. The strategy behind our creative is effectively what fuels our energy as an agency.

So remember, when you hear the term ‘I like it’ from a client, don’t pop the champagne corks just yet. You are hearing the opinion of one person and you need to delve a bit deeper and explain much more.

Here at Channelzero we don’t always get it right, but we encourage our team to always be inquisitive and always think boldly. So you can expect us to challenge subjective statements every time. Whether you like it or not!

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