How to design your business culture

The most effective way to impact your office culture is to fill the place with excellent people. And how do you do that exactly? You treat your recruitment process like you are the LA Lakers! No other recruitment model can beat the sports industry.

Commonly, recruitment offices are looking at anywhere between 500 and 5000 individuals for a variety of positions, regardless of whether the position is vacant. This means that each recruiter is looking at about 15 people at any one time. As the A-Team retires, the B, C and D team are trained and ready to move up the ranks.

We may rely on external recruiters to find new talent, but the sports industry relies on their own team to recruit because they know the team like the back of their hand. We need to do the same and no one knows a business better than its staff. Turn your staff into your recruitment team!

And what should they look for you might ask?

Well the other unique tactic that sports recruitment uses is to recruit on profile rather than for a role. You can upskill for a role but you can’t train your staff into having awesome personalities.

So what are some of the most desirable personality traits for a cracking culture?

  • Someone who is generous with their thank you’s and generous with praise: An important element in building healthy company culture.
  • High self-esteem: You need to be able to withstand the many no’s and knock-backs. Self-esteem is not to be mistaken for confidence but is more in line with self-worth.
  • A sense of urgency: It is not an attitude where we must have a WIP meeting everyday but that the meeting must accomplish something important everyday.
  • Success patterns: People who have set goals and achieved them be it a hobby or a sport. They already possess the habits of a winner.
  • Individuals with people skills and a proven track record of maintaining relationships
  • So who do you know?

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