Juggling feedback In the workplace

Juggling is surprisingly similar to giving feedback in the workplace. Hear me out on this one...

Whether it's to an employee, a boss, a friend or family member; we have all faced the daunting task of giving feedback to someone that is entirely unreceptive. It's nerve-racking and exhausting considering all the options of how to frame your feedback and make your point without causing a drama. It's also a waste of time and energy...

Just like in juggling, the better you get at catching the less you have to worry about the throwing. So if you can engender a culture whereby staff and bosses are all good catchers, then your business can reap the benefits of quick and candid feedback.

So here's a few tips for being a good catcher...

  1. Adopt a learning mindset. You must accept feedback without judgement. If you get criticism, then accept it as a gift to help you improve with no ill judgement.
  2. Sleep on it. Avoid spontaneous answers or rebuttals. Feedback is all a matter of trust... You will only get feedback if people around you feel safe to give it.
  3. Choose your language carefully to show you seek criticism, not praise... When showing your work ask "How could it be better?" or "on a Scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate my performance on this project and what would have made it a 10?" - this gives your thrower the chance to pitch something without any pressure.

Remember that "I hear you" is not the same as "I agree with you" - so accept the feedback and move on knowing that there is no such thing as bad feedback if you learn from it.

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