Let your office go to the dogs

We always knew we were ahead of the pack but little did we know that we were part of a growing trend in bringing your pets to work. From Google to Ben & Jerry’s and Channelzero!

As the trend in workplace stress continue to rise, surveys have found that animals at work can result in less stress and increased productivity. It makes sense that animals would boost morale and foster a sense of community within staff but it’s also beneficial to your animal. Bringing them to work reduces the incidence of barking and antisocial dog behaviour.

Channelzero has included a canine staff member as one of its founding members and has recently made a new puppy addition.

Rolex_WolfieRolex & Wolfie face-off

AndelChannelzero's longstanding canine ambassador, Angel.

The newest addition, Rolex.

We are sure you will enjoy their appearances on our instagram as much as we do.

Read more about dog friendly workplaces here.

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