Melbourne cup 2015

The race that stops a nation. A month later and we can finally face the photos.

We welcomed two new members to the family (more on that later) and the Channelzero bar had its classiest opening yet. The Public in Cammeray was the our final destination to watch the headline race where Kat won big on Prince of Penzance and new boy Jeremy took the office sweep. Three cheers to them!

The Channelzero Bar 1

Crowey didn't get the check and stripes memo.

The Channelzero Bar 2

The Channelzero Bar is open!

The Channelzero Bar 3

Not a bad first day for Gina who matches her dress to her backdrop.

The Public 1

When the design team meets the accounts team? Smiles all round.

The Public2

The team putting on their bets. In hindsight, Dan should have listened to Kat.

The Public 3

Brendan also missed the checks and stripes memo.

The Public 4

A Melbourne Cup without champagne is like Christmas without presents.

The Public 5

Channelzero's best dressed!

The Public 6


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