Need to smash a speech? Then treat it like brief!

We will all be presented with the daunting task of making a public speech at least once in our lives. Whether it be a wedding speech, a commencement speech or an acceptance speech it’s an intimidating process. Fear of public speaking is known as Glossophobia and according to the National Institute of Mental Illness a whopping 74% of us suffer from it to some degree!

And we all start the process with a blank page. But why…? We would never let a client present a blank brief so why would be expecting great results from a blank page? By giving ourselves specific parameters and outcomes we can help ourselves fill the blank page with some moving prose. A straight up formula?

Firstly the core theme of the speech should be able to be summed up in a tweet (140 characters). You should be able to support the theme with three pieces of data or even better three personal stories or anecdotes.

But why is a story better than the cold hard data? Well for one thing, a story is data with a soul. If you are presented with a list of data and are made to recall the data three days later, experiments indicate that only 10% of the information will be retained. If that data is woven into a story? Information recall is upped to 65% so there is the cold hard data on the data!

Let’s put the theory into practice.

Three stories, one theme

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