News Corp Australia & Channelzero encourage Sydney-siders to ‘Get Closer with Your Local’

Whether you are a Mosman Daily dilettante, an Inner West Courier connoisseur, or a Penrith Press fan, News Corp Australia’s community paper group - Newslocal – is a rich part of NSW local life. Research suggests Newslocal matters to people – with over 89% of people using them to keep up to date with what’s going on in their community and 77% reading over half the newspaper. With this in mind, relaunching Newslocal’s mastheads, with a changed format and a new brand campaign, comes with a great sense of responsibility to readers who feel passionate about their local title. As one research respondent said of it

It’s one of the main things that makes me feel like a local – it localises me. It makes me feel like I belong to something and that thing has a personality and a pulse.”

 The brief to reposition the Newslocal brand was handed to Sydney agency, Channelzero. Working collaboratively with Newslocal, Channelzero conceived the brand relaunch idea. Based on people’s love for and pride in their local community, the idea ‘Get Closer with Your Local’ was the perfect summation of the papers’ place in local readers’ hearts and minds as a trusted and valued news source.


In addition to the brand repositioning, a group of titles including the Parramatta Advertiser , Manly Daily and the Liverpool Leader , has moved to a compact tabloid format as part of a ‘cleaner design’, this was also communicated as part of the new campaign. The campaign will run across the titles, on in-house ads, social media and is currently to be seen on out-of-home sites. Newslocal publisher John McGourty said:


"Get closer with your local and the campaign direction is the perfectly captures of NewsLocal's purpose - to inform, entertain and bring people and families in the local area closer to each other and their communities. We are thrilled with Channelzero's brand concept and are seeing strong engagement from our readers as a result of our new compact paper size and our renewed messaging and commitment to readers."



Channelzero’s CEO, Mikey Taylor said:

“We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with clients to ‘Zero In’ and unlock their brand’s value and drive transformative growth for their business. In ‘Get Closer with Your Local’ our team got to a great place for Newslocal. It’s an idea that really captures the warmth of the role Newslocal plays for communities and will encourage new readers to increasingly embrace their titles as a way to bring them closer to what they value most.”








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