Quality creative is the variable of success

Last week I had the pleasure of a ‘love-in’ with a new client and their assorted agencies.

It was striking how wonderful each of the agencies performance had been across the preceding year… The number of column inches was record breaking; the impressions and reach would suggest that everyone in Australia (not living under a rock) had seen the ads, plus industry leading CTR’s and CPM’s had been achieved…

Yet, bizarrely the sales of the client’s product had gone backwards. How could this be?

It stuck me; how marketers can overlook that the value of an impression is actually zero… Unless your messages are noticed and remembered the money invested is wasted. Ergo, the quality of the creative and its ability to stand out is the true variable of success.

The real value for clients lays in agencies that are meticulous about attention, rather than inconsequential metrics such as ‘reach’. How well was our message received and remembered is a far more valuable measure of success… Our job is to completely understand that attention is the real asset.

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