Say less, communicate more

It’s weird how people still manage to bump their cars while parking...

The average new car is equipped with beeping sensors, screens with parking lines for guidance, a handy message in the mirror alerting us that objects “appear nearer than they really are” and don’t forget the nifty rows of warning lights! And with all this, it still happens. Bump bump bump!!

This is a classic case of over communication. If there’s too much noise, we switch off and are blind to ALL of it.

As professionals in advertising, it is our job to get our clients noticed and remembered. The path of least resistance to achieve this is to use as few words as possible. We need to sift through everything and determine what’s most relevant. We need to avoid loading in every ‘feature and benefit’ even if that’s what the client wants.

We need to say our message quickly, effectively and then shut up.

I recently observed the opposite of this while watching my kid’s Nanny negotiate them into their school uniforms. While attempting to gain their limited attention she was increasing the intensity of messages and instructions… This had little effect on the kids! There was a noticeable correlation between the amount of instructions that were assertively issued and the amount of listening from there kids! The more talking, the less listening!

And that’s just it - Communication isn’t blurting out everything you can think of and hoping something sticks. Communication isn’t just about speaking correctly, more importantly it is to ensure you are understood.

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