Simply awesome briefs

Everything in communications requires a brief, it’s just that they come in different formats. Whether it’s as simple as getting the kids to bed, or as complicated as a strategically planned military operation, a brief has to be delivered.

However, not all briefs are created equal.

At Channelzero we receive and deliver thousands of briefs per year. In our experience, the key to building a better brief is all in the mindset - all parties need to commit to making it simple and easy in order for the team around them to do great work.

A good brief will always seek to deliver:

  • Context: Background information and why we are involved
  • Tools & Support: Kits, tools, people, resources that are available to help succeed
  • Insight & Info: Rules of the game, inside knowledge and insights from the data that will spark creativity
  • Parameters: Time, money, environment, any sacred cows
  • Picture of success: What does winning look like specifically

Our model for briefing excellence involves recognition that good briefing involves a pitcher (presenting the brief) and a catcher (receiving the brief). Both parties have responsibilities and require a shared motto that binds them to a common goal.

Your motto needs to be a standard to which both pitchers and catchers can hold each other accountable. Pitchers, must recognise that their brief needs to inspire, not just inform. Catchers must seek to interrogate the brief and discover new ground.

For any businesses requiring efficient and effective communications, whatever your briefing methodology may be, we recommend using your preferred model to workshop a framework of accountability for the way in which you brief. Having a theme, and recognised standards for briefing, delivers efficiency internally, with clients and ultimately the best work will result. So, go forth and make your briefs ‘simply awesome’.

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