The cost of incivility

Most of us are aware that it’s not good business to go around being of foul tyrant in the workplace…However, while many companies know that incivility is wrong, very few calculate the costs.

At Channelzero we like to wear smiles on our dials and a recent study by Christine Porath showed that this isn’t only more pleasant, but it’s actually rather good for business!

Having surveyed thousands of employees, the HBR published review found that if colleagues or bosses were rude:

  • 48% of employees deliberately decreased their work efforts
  • 47% of employees decreased their time spent at work
  • 80% of employees lose time thinking or worrying about the incident
  • 25% took their frustration out on clients (ouch!)

A further study by the Uni of Florida found that creativity suffers too. Participants in their experiment that were the subjects of hostile behaviour (no matter how minor) produced 25% less ideas versus the control group…

So, a rude and hostile working environment produces staff members that will spend less time at work, put in less effort and are likely to be obnoxious towards customers.

Smile at the world and the business world will smile at you then!

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