Tools of Titans: 4 tactics, routines and habits of billionaires and icons.

Tim Ferriss’s book “Tools of Titans” is a series of interviews with industry titans and renowned billionaires.

There are four consistent themes that apply across over 80% of all interviewees. These are:

  1. Mindfulness
    • None of the interviewees reach for their emails first thing. Instead they do something that frames them in the best possible mind space to be effective. This can be meditation, a walk somewhere beautiful, exercise or even 10 mins with the Headspace App. It’s all about the first 90 mins that you are up and setting your head to be best place.
  2. Prioritize Sleep
    • To perform at their best, Titans prioritize sleep. Nobody ever became awesome at their job by staying up late and watching mindless TV. Try the sleep cocktail 20 mins before bed: Hot water, a spoon of honey, two spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar… This is proven to increase your volume of deep sleep and help you wake up feeling fresher.
  3. Journaling
    1. Titans make a point of goal setting and reflecting on their day in writing. Try one of these:
      1. 5 mins at the start of the day to set your goals and 5 mins at the end to reflect on what you achieved
      2. A ‘gratitude’ diary. Taking 5 mins every night to write down a few things that went well that we can be thankful for
      3. A “did I do my best” score sheet. Here you score your efforts across your goals… for example: from 1 – 10 did I do my best to build positive relationships today
  4. Win the morning: win the day
    1. Titans thrash through their ‘to-do’ list in the morning. This leaves the afternoons to get into the pro-active stuff that really drives value for the business and their clients

And there you have it – do these things and Titanic status awaits!

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