We have moved!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram then you’d know that we’ve been on the move, organising our lives into keep, pass on and throw piles. For all that effort you’d think we were moving continents not 100 meters up the road!

Either way we are in and pretty much settled now - we even have a water-cooler to congregate and high five around!

The move is not the only change at Channelzero, we have now expanded and have welcomed three new buddies and one four legged friend into the mix. Charles, Brendan and Dane will make up Channelzero’s retail team and we are over the moon to have them part of the family. More detailed introductions to the retail legends to come.

Our new address:The Annex601 Pacific Highway,St Leonards, NSW 2065

Packing up in a mad rush

Our name up in lights

The accounts wing

The creatives wing

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