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Amrun Pioneers

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Amrun Pioneers Amrun Pioneers Amrun Pioneers

Rio Tinto announced its investment to develop the Amrun project. The project was 40 kilometres south of its existing Weipa operation in far North Queensland.

For the tight-knit community, working at Amrun would require a change in lifestyle – living away from families in an accommodation village whilst on shift.

The brief to Channelzero was to engage, educate and motivate the existing Weipa workforce to support them in selecting Amrun as a preference for their future working location, as Amrun replaced depleting tonnes from the original East Weipa mine.

The campaign ‘Amrun Pioneers’ was developed to shift current sentiment by focusing on what a move to Amrun would offer, not only individuals, but also their families and the wider Weipa community.

These pioneers helped change the conversation from infrastructure, to their personal journeys. This emphasised the sense of accomplishment and adventure this could bring.

Employee Timeline & Handbook

The employee timeline was the first piece of collateral released to employees. The timeline moved the focus of the story away from the infrastructure and towards the human involvement in the project.

Its aim was to immediately address the concerns of employees uncovered in the research stage. It acted to create transparency and give an overall idea of the project size, goals and scope. This approach helped them visualise becoming a part of this new venture. Posters of the timeline were placed outside existing Weipa and Andoom crib rooms (the place employees gather before and after shifts).

The Employee Handbook was provided to employees and their families to help consider the move to working at Amrun. This book was created to accompany the timeline and videos already shown to potential new staff. It was essential in setting a positive tone to staff and their families on what to expect from their move to the new Amrun Mine and what this journey would entail.

As a resource this book covered all questions and details, showing the sites cutting edge amenities. It inspired and humanised the experience by using the voices of the pioneers already involved. It was written, shot and produced on location by our designers.

Hero Video

Our ‘hero video’ was unveiled to the workforce during their bi-quarterly training sessions held in crib rooms. This approach ensured every single employee would see it.

We chose a documentary-style video, with real people, telling their stories and adding their personal ideas on the ‘pioneer spirit.’ This lent authenticity and allowed potential staff to relate to the campaign and opportunity.

It talks about the existing Weipa community spirit and lifestyle. This highlighted how Amrun will continue to underpin the region's economic activity and create a legacy for generations to come.

The hero video was also shared on the Rio Tinto Weipa’s private Facebook group where it could be re-watched and shared amongst family members. This was crucial as this move would affect entire families.

Feature Videos

From our ‘hero video,’ our documentary style motion pieces grew into a series of features on the Amrun Pioneers.

These leaders are real people, telling their stories and adding their personal ideas on the ‘pioneer spirit.’ They lend authenticity and allowed potential staff to relate to the campaign and opportunity.

They inspire and encourage staff to take up “the challenge” have a sense of purpose and pride in the work involved. These jobs are not ordinary 9-5pm positions, there is a mate-ship and sense of family whilst working alongside one another. This understanding helped our campaign gain momentum and ultimately lead to a successful outcome.

Winner! Mumbrella CommsCon Award for Change Management

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