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Brisbane Airport


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Brisbane Airport Brisbane Airport Brisbane Airport
Queenland's Airport

Brisbane Airport is an award winning and market leading international airport in Australia. Channelzero developed the Airport’s first ever consumer campaign to drive awareness and prevent leakage across the greater Queensland region.

What we did

With a deep sense of pride, we created the “Queensland’s Airport” and “Your International Airport” campaign – featuring Ambassadors Catriona Rowntree, Cameron Smith and Pete Murray together in a Hero television commercial, featuring areas of the airport in combination with Hub videos seeded online.


The campaign is only half way through and has already achieved very positive results including an Ad Recall Lift: + 19.6%. indicating our ads hit home and landed a message about the airport – the average for travel is 7.8% lift & Likelihood to use Brisbane Airport at +8.3% suggesting that the campaign is working to raise brand awareness and affinity.

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