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Burgess Brothers


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Burgess Brothers Burgess Brothers Burgess Brothers
The back story

The four Burgess brothers grew up in a humble home in the North of England. Raised with incredibly strong family values and a deep respect for one another, they brought these values to the game of rugby. A passion for the sport was ingrained in them as was a love of Australia from their father who always wanted to take the boys there. Years on all four of the Burgess Brothers found success at the highest level, all NRL in Australia. At one point, they made rugby league history by becoming the first set of four siblings to play for an Australian top-flight side in the same game. With a desire to leave a legacy that goes beyond their sports career they decided to start a business together which would combine their passion for sport with the lifestyles it allowed them to lead. Seeing that there was quite a few sportswear brands out there driven by athletes, yet no successful lifestyle brands, the four brothers saw an opportunity to fill that gap in the market. Thus the idea of the The Burgess Brothers brand was born.

The Project

While the business made sense, in order to fully launch into the market we felt that we needed to solidify the identity of the brand before anything further was done. Developing a style guide based on findings done from our brand workshop process, Channelzero was excited and honoured to create a brand identity for the Burgess Brothers in the space of men’s travel gear, clothing and accessories. Products that are effortlessly cool, confident, minimalistic and will be in line with the brands personality traits. This will also be brought to life in the form of passport wallets, phone cases, practical yet stylish travel bags and presentable clothing that can bring you comfortably from a long flight straight into a management meeting. The sky is the limit for these 4 brothers from West Yorkshire.

So, what's next?