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Letters to my mentor Letters to my mentor Letters to my mentor
The Creative Idea

No matter how humble or great a path the course of your life takes, there is a human truth that unites us all. Behind every individual there are others who help shape and sometimes change the course of our lives for the better.

What if you could speak to those significant somebodies? Deliver a message of profound gratitude and outline the real impact they had on your life. This is the idea behind our campaign, Letters to my Mentor for charity, Raise.

In Letters to my Mentor we invited five celebrities to become Raise Ambassadors, reading their letters written for that significant person who supported them through challenges they faced as young Australians – their mentor. Our art direction accentuates an intimate, genuine and thoughtful portrait of our talent in a photography studio. We created a dedicated microsite, to make it easy for new mentors to join and multiple channels were chosen across media, online and print.

The brief

We completed a collaborative Zero-In session with Raise, working shoulder to shoulder with their team to identify the strategic and creative opportunity.

-The campaign needed to be wholly authentic and emotive.
-We needed to get ‘community-minded volunteers’ to become Raise mentors over other high-profile ways of giving back.
-We wanted to create a campaign with longevity, something unique to the Raise cause, one that could strike a chord to dramatically increase awareness in their mentor and mentee programs.
-The campaign aims to increase conversion – working to ‘up’ mentor numbers from 1,000 to 15,000 over the next 3 years. Our immediate KPIs were 1,500 mentors by 2020, with ongoing 50% growth YoY.


To date, the campaign has had a huge positive effect. There has been a 350% increase in website traffic alone. Applications for mentors have already reached 500 people and counting…


We’d like to thank everyone involved. The following teams also contributed pro-bono work and resources -

360DMG, Media Agency for Raise and partner of Channelzero, to date included:

-Ad campaign on Nine Network, with a comprehensive digital programmatic including retargeting
-CSR on all live TV stations, Nova and Macquarie Radio, & print ads in Marie Claire & In Style magazines
-Publicity includes a 6-page feature in Marie Claire magazine, Today Show and The Project. Further shows on Channel Seven & Ten, Nova Syd Breakfast plus other stations around the country, that include online and print.

And a big thanks to:

-20Below, post production sound, from Steve Hessel
-FaceArt, make-up for the shoot from Tina Hessel
-Photography from Diego Lorenzo Jose and Assembly Agency

We all have stories of the mentors that leave an indelible mark on our lives. They planted seeds of knowledge, confidence and possibility. You can get involved or become a mentor by visiting www.letterstomymentor.com.au and www.raise.org.au

"Every so often people unite and create a movement. I believe Letters to My Mentor is the campaign that will see us realise our dream of supporting young people in every public school in Australia by bringing us mentors from across the country."

Vicki Condon AM, Founder and CEO of Raise

"We feel privileged to have helped Raise deliver this campaign. We’re delighted to use our agency resources to bring awareness to this excellent cause. Behind every individual there are always others who help shape and change the course of our lives for the better."

Mikey Taylor, Channelzero CEO

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