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What makes news newsworthy?

In today's media landscape, all newspapers are in a battle with a million distractions and instant expert opinion that invades our personal space 24/7. NewsLocal's stable of Sydney suburban papers needed to establish a strong, unified position that could work across multiple platforms and drive engagement levels up.

A brand that talks the talk

Getting a deep understanding of the brand is the first step in our process. We evaluated the brand DNA that made up the local papers, and what that meant to the community around them. We found out owning 'hyper local' was key to harnessing the pride and joy of the communities that mattered most to the brand. We worked to position the company as a world leader in providing credible local content that would define not only the brand, but those who consumed its content.

The Local Narrative

We then took it a step further and developed an identity that was a visual representation of a two-way conversation between editors and their audience across all platforms. We literally wanted them to own the local conversation.

Changing Rules

We engaged the entire workforce behind the new brand and achieved amazing results that earned over 7.2 million impressions, 292,000 completed views and 21,000 link ad engagements.

Our logo represents the progression of the dialogue between editors and their audience. It encourages conversation and creates a two way discussion across all NewsLocal platforms.

"channelzero has been great to work with over the last 5 years. Together we have produced engaging video content campaigns for our Real Estate offering - our We Know Local Real Estate campaign was recognised as a finalist at both Comms Con and the 2015 PANPA Awards, our branding campaigns - I like It Local and Start a Local Conversation have also been recognised with multiple award nominations and both acknowledged with Highly Commended status at the 2015 PANPA Awards. channelzero completed fantastic work across the recent NewsLocal rebrand, connecting our consumers to their local communities across 20 mastheads brands. channelzero understands our vision and continues to deliver exciting creative work that speaks directly to our consumers."

Joann Morand, Marketing Manager NewsLocal

So, what's next?