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Channelzero were challenged to develop the strategy for using new anti-microbial technology to create an appealing consumer product. We used market data from major retailers, along with our proprietary brand process to find clear space in the grocery category. We positioned the brand as an upscale hand sanitiser, targeting discerning shoppers that are highly conscious of germs and their health. Simplicity is the height of sophistication, so we approached the naming challenge conscious of ensuring that the smart technology was simple to understand and therefor relatable. Stayzon was born! A highly memorable name that cleverly alludes to the key benefit of the product.

Visualising the invisible

Channelzero created a visual identity to illustrate the novelty and benefit of the smart technology. We wanted to avoid the need for in-depth science, which would not appeal to our target market. The identity was crafted to blend the best of fashion design principles with a respect for the level of “invisible” technology the product boasts. We delicately balanced these two things to create a series of recognisable brand assets; from the name itself to the logo, colour palette and the protective mesh design. These brand assets were rolled out across every brand touch point, from the packaging through to the TVC – ensuring that every dollar invested by the brand owners was working hard to ensure the product gets noticed, remembered, bought and bought again.

Owning the Conversation

Channelzero had just half a day to create content that would see Stayzon rise through the ranks on Google when searched by prospective investors. Before Channelzero got involved, Stayzon was not appearing at the top of the search results. We did two things to ensure journalists searching for information about Stayzon would easily find what they were looking for:

1) Set up an Adwords search campaign for Stayzon, and;
2) Videod, uploaded and optimised an interview with Stayzon’s Director on YouTube, to also give Stayzon a presence on the second largest search engine in the world.

On the day of the investor announcement Stayzon was top of the brand name search results on Google and YouTube. In the months directly following, Stayzon has dominated the brand name Google and YouTube search results by having:

• the Adwords campaign ranked No. 1
• the website organically ranking at No. 1
• the YouTube video ranking on page 1

Brilliant Results

On the strength of the strategy and our creative work, the Directors of Stayzon attracted significant investment capital from an ASX listed company to launch the brand. The Stayzon team also secured their first order from Australia’s largest retailer, immediately rolling the product out in over 900 of their stores. A great return from brand-led creativity!

On the day of the investor announcement Stayzon was top of thebrand name search results on Google and YouTube. In the monthsdirectly following, Stayzon has dominated the brand name Googleand YouTube search results.

"Channelzero created our brand name, packaging and the unique visual identity that makes Stayzon such a memorable brand. Thanks to the quality of the work we have secured significant capital investment to launch and our first orders have come from Australia’s largest retailer. The C/Z team have delivered so much value to Stayzon through their experience, insights and commitment to making our business great."

Chris Plastow, Stayzon Director

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