The Brand Without a Bottle

Giving Sydney tap water a brand

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Sydney Water


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The Brand Without a Bottle The Brand Without a Bottle The Brand Without a Bottle
Giving tap water a brand

Channelzero was asked to create a campaign that would build trust and pride in Sydney’s tap water. There are many big budget water brands on the market, so the challenge was to reposition Sydney Water against its more glamorous cousins.

Creating 'Brand Without a Bottle'

Our solution was to position Sydney's tap water as the Brand Without A Bottle. It doesn't come in plastic bottles, so it's much kinder on the environment. It's naturally sourced then extensively treated, so it's always pristine and ready to drink. And best of all it's free.

To bring the campaign to life, we've engaged year 7 & 8 students to spread the word. To reach students, we provided a full unit of persuasive writing to their English teachers, immersing the project into the high school curriculum.

Each school will submit their favourite concepts and six finalists will be brought to life as short films by channelzero. These films will live on a bespoke microsite, where the public will vote on their favourites. Social media will be used to create mass awareness and encourage participation along the way.

Once the public has its say, the Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 to go towards a school project of their choice.

Campaign activation with brilliant results

Registrations closed the 15th of February with over 20 schools involved. We anticipate reaching over 400 students at each of the finalist's school, resulting in a social engagement amplification of close to 2,500 people - and a total reach of up to 1 million people on Facebook, without any paid social posting. Next year we hope to reach over 30 Schools and reach an additional 500,000 people!

So, what's next?