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How a small brand became a global player

The Nile had evolved from a small business selling books in New Zealand markets to a major player in AU/NZ and expanding globally. However, their brand had not changed and evolved with them. They realised it was hurting their expansion into new markets and prevented them from connecting with their shoppers. They needed to re-brand and re-position to connect, simplify their offering, get noticed and drive higher engagement and sales revenue.

UNIFYING a global brand

After the brand DNA was established, Channelzero started exploring different directions for a new look and feel for the brand. One of the challenges was to create an identity that unified all different product categories The Nile has to offer; from baby products to garden materials and from DVD’s to make-up products.

Unveiling a new identity

When the new identity was formed, a style guide was created and the new look was then rolled out across business collateral, office environment, website and social media campaigns.

We have the best range, we do what we say we are going to do, we always put the customer first and build trust by working hard for them. Don’t worry “We’ve got this”

"Working with Channelzero’s unique approach to branding helped us create clarity and simplicity around our brand. We unearthed our core purpose, our promise and how we should roll out our messaging internally with our team and externally to the market."

Mark Taylor, Co-Director and Founder The Nile

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