Derived from the Latin word Versus, which means genuine and true.

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When a name is not a name

Channelzero won a competitive pitch for the re-branding of Furnished Property - one of Sydney's leading providers of furnished apartments, student living and value hotels.

Being named after the category, Furnished Property had a problem with memorability and establishing a strong brand. Our strategy has delivered resounding success by simply understanding how to get noticed and remembered.

Simplicity at it's best

We set ourselves the task of reinventing how the business was delivering their brand to guests and staff. Through our naming process VERIU was established as the name – derived from the Latin word versus, which means true and genuine and modernising to focus on the guest and staff.

Brand strategy. Brilliant results.

Through workshops across the business we developed a brand DNA that would provide Furnished Property with a unique position in the market they could own and grow the business through. We visualised this DNA through their brand identity and developing their "Scandaustralian" style that modern, timeless, relaxed and totally immersive.

"The Owners Alex and Rhys were bold, engaged and willing to take risks, which made this an awesome project from both a strategic and creative perspective. Developing every touch point to reflect the brand DNA from the rooms and styling to the staff training was an incredible journey."

Franky Callanan, Executive Creative Director

"Making every stay better, for us, means every detail counts and every experience is valuable."

Rhys Williams, Co-owner Veriu

So, what's next?