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Everyone is a Weet-Bix kid at heart

When Weet-Bix announced the nation’s cricket captain Steve Smith as their newest ambassador in late 2015, he was following a long line of iconic Aussie figures who’d forged their own identity in the role.

With this in mind, Sanitarium asked channelzero to find a way to launch this new ambassador relationship in an equally compelling way.

What sets champions apart?

Through the investigation phase of the campaign we wanted to find out what makes our Aussie captain special. We tracked down his mum, dad, school friends and junior coaches to ask the important questions. We had an inkling that his competitive spirit as a child was a big part of his make up, but we had no idea just how much!

Putting a smile back on an iconic brand

Sometimes it is the simple things that resonate the best. We wanted to show Steve was a Weet-Bix kid at heart like the rest of us. We knew we could encompass the competitive spirit, the quirks and the humility of an Aussie in a single compelling phrase "Yeah, I'm a Weet-Bix kid". We produced TVCs and video content that launched during the Boxing Day Test in front of the entire cricket-loving nation.

"From the outset channelzero had a great grasp of our values and what we were trying to achieve as a brand."

Alex Garas, Senior Brand Manager Weet-Bix

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