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Because Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids

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Weet-Bix Blue Box Weet-Bix Blue Box
Channelzero’s challenge

In 2015, CZ won a competitive pitch to create the new 2016 campaign for the traditional Weet-Bix ‘Blue Box’. Weet-Bix sales have been bucking the recent national trend of declining breakfast cereal sales.

Our job was to build on that base, by re-engaging with Weet-Bix kids of all ages - putting the Blue Box back on their shopping list and a smile on their faces. We were asked to ensure our creative worked with their existing assets only and that the creative concept reflected their central organising idea - ‘Raised on Weet-Bix’.

Our light bulb moment!

When we examined the client’s values of Health, Hope and Happiness, we saw a brand with strong future-focussed aspirations. However, we felt their over-arching ‘Raised on Weet-Bix’ idea was, conversely, tending to look back nostalgically, at our childhood. This was a disconnect we needed to address before we could truly meet the brief.

Change the conversation and revitalise a classic

We challenged the client’s thinking and they agreed on a new raison d’être: “Weet-Bix. Raising a Nation.” This new approach is timeless, inclusive and refers to the past, present and future of Weet-Bix.

We saw the ‘Aussie Kids are Weet-Bix Kids’ song as the most undervalued asset in the Weet-Bix cupboard. And, as a classic tune with high recognition value, it had the greatest ability to get noticed and remembered. And of course, to make people smile.

We asked Australians to re-write the lyrics to the song, with $10,000 in prize money up for grabs. Hundreds of entries came from all corners of the nation.

Give it the rock star treatment

We then asked Australian celebrities to record the new version. We added in a symphony orchestra and children’s choir for good measure... to show that everyone is a kid at heart. A classic Aussie jingle is reworked into a memorable piece of music that will live long after the TVC finishes its run.

Because Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids.

So, what's next?